Welcome to Maintenance 24-7

Welcome to the website of Maintenance 24-7. Our website should help you understand the various services we offer, aswell as giving you an insight into some of our previous work, our existing customers, and how to contact us.

Who are we?

Maintenance 24-7 Ltd is one of the South East’s leading reactive maintenance and building companies. Set up in 2002, we currently have engineers strategically placed across London and the South East to cover all aspects of commercial building maintenance. 

We do not work for the householder, but specialise in the retail sector where we pride ourselves on working alongside our clients to maintain and build their properties whilst understanding the need to keep the unit or venue trading where possible and whilst minimising disruption.

Use the contact section to find our full contact details.

What do we do?

24 Hour, 365 Day a year emergency call out
We offer a reactive emergency call out service across London and the South east covering most aspects from a Burst pipe, blocked pipes, to broken doors and windows, and guarantee to be on site within 4 hours.  In London we can normally be on site within 2 hours. Just ring our help desk to find out more.

Preventative Planned Maintenance
We can maintain your building before the problems arise.  We can offer a fixed rate cost to come each month, each quarter or just once a year to ensure the building is kept safe and maintained to minimise the need for emergency call outs.  Items like clearing gutters, repairing slipped roof tiles, easing and adjusting doors, ensuring fire doors are operational and compliant with the current fire regulations are just a small few which we can be done.

Handy Man Visits
Although similar to planned maintenance, this allows a client to call up for an engineer to have a day on site to carry out any general maintenance items which are required.  Normally a client will have a few items on a list from a new toilet seat, sticking window, trip hazards, putting pictures up etc which can all be done in one visit to save costs in placing individual calls or emergency calls for each item. 

There is no need to plan for these visits and can be organised within a few days after a phone call.

Drainage Services
We have our own Jetting van in London which can solve any blocked pipe, toilet issues and can also carry out full CCTV reports and even pipelining.

Fixed Priced Building Works
Working directly for the client, via a surveying company or working with an Architect we carry out all aspects of building work whether this is the refurbishment of bar, a new roof, to a whole new building Maintenance 24-7 Ltd has its own project division carrying out larger works across the country.

We are happy to come and provide a free quotation for any aspect of building works, refurbishments you may have.

EHO – Fire Regulations – Health & Safety – HMO – Water Reports
We have worked alongside various clients to maintain and ensure that their buildings are compliant with all the current legislation which is now such a big part of all workplaces and where public have access. 

We can offer advice and solutions to:-

Fire Regulations - These include the correct compliance of fire doors, safe fire routes, emergency lighting and alarms just to name a few.

Environmental Health – These can include pest control, the correct flooring in kitchens, ensuring washable walls and surfaces, and ensuring safe areas for staff and customers

HMO – These include the new licensing for any occupied premises where more than 5 people live in one property; we can help with the correct kitchen and bathroom compliance and other health and safety which are required.

Health & Safety – These can include any aspect of a building or routes leading to the building, where health and safety must be maintained.

Water Reports – These generally come from the water utilities companies asking for compliance with water saving items like Cistermisers, flow restriction valves etc.

Small Works Team – General Building Maintenance
We also have a team of engineers who carry out fixed cost small works.  These works will normally be things like installation of a new toilet, a new door or repairs to roof etc where you need fixed costs with the assurance of the installation being carried out by a reputable company with the big company costs.

Our decoration team work alongside our building works team however if you have just solely decorations, be it large or small, again we can offer a very competitive free of charge estimate across the South East and even the UK dependant on the size of the works.

We specialise in all types of flooring, whether this be from installing new Altro Safety Floor to a kitchen or back of house areas, to new oak flooring to a bar, carpets, or even the re-sanding and sealing of existing timber floors, we can cover it all. Just call us for more information or to ask for a free estimate.

All Aspect Metal Work
We have our own metal fabrication workshop which can manufacture all aspects of metalwork, from free standing edge protection of roofs through to new staircases.  We also have engineers who can carry out maintenance to items like metal gates, and carry out on site repairs to staircases, fences canopies etc.

Use the services section for full list of services we offer.